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Personal Counselling Services

As one of Coquitlam's leading Registered Clinical Counsellors, Heather Kempton specializes in working with people like you to discover their authentic self and to develop a deeper sense of self-acceptance and love.

Within her private practice, Heather has found that many individuals fall into the trap of unhealthy behavioural patterns resulting from feeling “not good enough” and possessing a negative mindset. Increasing one’s self-awareness and challenging one’s perception is key to promoting growth and changing unhealthy behavioural patterns.

Heather works with individuals to establish healthy boundaries within personal relationships, challenge negative thinking patterns, identify values as well as, how to experience more joy and fulfilment. Heather also teaches one how to develop a strength based mindset which allows individuals to identify and overcome life’s obstacles.

We are all unique and will find that different approaches to growth and healing resonate differently within each of us. Finding a healing modality that works best for you is critical to experiencing growth and development. Individuals come from a variety of cultural, sexual and ethnic backgrounds, including teens to seniors, everyone shares the desire to find peace within themselves.

We all desire that our personal challenges are treated with the privacy and respect we deserve, experiencing being listened to in a non-judgemental way that echoes kindness and compassion.

Heather Kempton from Coquitlam’s Optimal Life offers a safe place to share, understand and overcome the challenges individuals are experiencing in their current lifestyle.

Things that clients often struggle with before they come to Optimal Life:

Behaviors that have become compulsive or addictive.

Overwhelming cravings for certain behaviours (binging, purging, starvation, excessive exercise).

Substance use (alcohol, drugs), gambling, or problematic Internet use/addiction.

Do you continue with these behaviours even when you experience negative consequences?

Do you have a sense of emptiness or a need to numb emotions by engaging in self-harming behaviours, or substances?

Do you have a loved one who has an eating disorder, gambling problem, Internet addiction or substance addiction?

Do you love someone who engages in self-sabotaging behaviours and are at a loss on how to help?

Do you feel unfulfilled and lonely in your primary relationship?

Do you wish there would be a significant change in your partners or child’s behaviour?

Do you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression?

Do you feel a loss of balance in your life?

Are you struggling with symptoms of depressions, anxiety, bipolar?

Do you feel a sense of being overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and you don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle with a distorted body image and/or participate in disordered eating behaviour?

Are you searching for a sense of purpose in life?

Are you searching for a sense of happiness, belonging, and passion to engage in life?

Are you looking for that extra edge to enhance your athletic performance?

Are outside life stressors having a negative impact on your psychological focus?

Are you near the edge of burnout and do not have the tools to regain life balance and control?

Has the pressure to perform become too great, leading to poor athletic performance?

Have injuries over taken your ability to perform in athletics, leading to a sense of loss and frustration of what to do while waiting to recover?

Are you struggling to prioritize your self care?

Are you experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression or “baby blues”?

Have you lost a sense of balance and self identity?

Are you unable to communicate your needs?

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour?

Do you feel disconnected with your child and unable to communicate with them?

Are you feeling stressed due to working in an unhealthy work environment?

Are you unable to effectively resolve personal and/or work related conflicts?

Have feelings of anger become disruptive in your relationships?


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Client Forms

If you are new to Optimal Life please ensure that you have downloaded and filled in the appropriate New Client Intake Form(s) and bring them with you to your first appointment.


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