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The counselling process with Heather Kempton is completely personalized to meet your needs. It starts by you contacting Heather to see how she can help optimize your life. During the first session she will inform you of the boundaries to confidentiality as approved by the Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors. You and Heather will then move towards uncovering your goals, and what you want to get out of the counselling process. Heather’s nonjudgmental style will allow you to find comfort in using your voice to speak of challenging issues. In the first session Heather will focus on addressing why you have entered counselling and what changes you would like to make. Heathers years of experience, expertise and passion for working with people have allowed her to help many to connect to a sense of happiness, passion, and purpose in living.

Why Do People to Go To Counselling?

A sense of feeling unbalanced, disconnected in relationships with others and self, and wanting to find self-love and happiness are some of the major motivators for clients to seek counselling. Clients may have or are searching for motivation to make a positive change in their lives, typically to live better, and often to find connection with self and others. The core areas in which Heather works are to help you as a client become more balanced, to gain clarity in what it is you are needing, tools to learn how to engage in change, and what it is that you need to learn in order to live a more empowered life.

What Does The Process Look Like?

The process for counselling is centered on you and your personalized needs. In the first session Heather will explain how she can help you to identify and encourage your personal growth and clarify the boundaries of confidentiality. Once you and Heather have agreed to move forward and work together, the professional relationship will go through different phases based on your needs and goals. If you only need to address an isolated issue and gain a solution, then the counselling process can be successful within one session. If you wish to go into deeper core life issues, then you and Heather will discuss what the therapeutic relationship will look like. The first phase in counselling consists of you and Heather, discovering whether we are a good fit. If you feel safe within the client-counsellor relationship, you may initially feel a dependency on Heather. During this time you will be cared for in a safe manner so that you will move to practicing what you are learning in the clinical sessions in your personal and professional life. As your skill sets and awareness develops from the counselling sessions, the dependency component of the client-counsellor relationship fades away and full interdependence surfaces. It is here where you will either end the counselling sessions or remain in counselling to uncover deeper character logical and developmental work.

How Counselling Empowers You

The counselling process with Heather Kempton is held in a safe and nurturing environment that will allow you to explore what you need and show you how to move forward in order to meet that need. By supporting you to take the essential next steps, you will be better able to achieve fulfillment and success in your personal and professional life. The following are seven things you can gain in the counselling process.

You are not alone

Heather will support you every step of the way in the counselling process. Sharing issues and concerns in a safe and confidential environment with a professional creates an opportunity for significant self growth and self love.

More Choices Become Available By Developing A Plan

Creating a plan, with Heather can be a powerful asset for moving through life with greater awareness, and understanding. It allows you to make choices that are beneficial to you and your relationships. Working with Heather effectively gives you another perspective into your life, where the realm of possibility opens up. Heather will identify things and suggest things that you never realized or thought possible.

Overcome Negative & Limiting Beliefs

We have all had negative and limiting beliefs from both childhood and adulthood enter our daily thoughts at some point in our lives. Often these beliefs can lead to a negative mindset, or negative view of self, others and the world. Overcoming this can be life changing, allowing one to establish love for self and others in an empowering way.

Learn What You Were Never Taught

There are many life skills that we were never shown throughout our life. Counselling is an excellent process for guiding us to uncover negative blind-spots we may have and how they may be preventing us from living a life full of happiness, purpose, and passion.

Enhance Self Confidence

Counselling will guide you to better understand how to address any negative factors in your life and how to apply self care and personal boundaries. As you work at this, it is very common to feel a great sense of pride, confidence, and self worth.

Develop Deeper Independence

Counselling guides you towards having a heightened ability to make positive choices without the dependence of pleasing others. Counselling will enable you to identify negative internal and external influences, ultimately learning how to love ones self without placing absolute value on what others think of you.

Develop Deeper Connections With Others

Counselling not only will support you in forming a better connection with yourself, for it will also teach you how to form healthy relationships with others. This includes professional settings, family, friends, strangers and acquaintances. Effectively connecting with those around you is a key element in a successful and happy life.


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