Stress Management

Managing Stress

Heather Kempton at Optimal Life in Coquitlam works with individuals by enhancing their self awareness where they can identify self perceived limitations, locus of control (internal vs external), and triggers to stress. Through developing a growth mindset Heather provides clients with the tools to apply effective coping strategies to manage stress. Individuals also learn how to engage in self care activities and create a lifestyle full of joy and fulfillment.

Why is it so important to manage stress?

Living with high levels of internal and/or external stress places your entire well-being at risk. Without effective coping strategies to manage stress individuals may experience negative symptoms that impacts one’s emotional, physical, psychological and social state of being. Increasing one’s self awareness and providing tools to effectively manage stress helps one to break the cycle of irrational thinking patterns and self sabotaging behaviour that contributes to individuals experiencing more stress due to behavioural choices and the perception they have adapted. Until one accepts responsibility for the mindset they choose in creating or maintaining it, one’s stress level will remain high and outside of their control.


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