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Most high intensity, functional movement sports programs are constantly varied to develop an individuals level of performance. In enhancing one’s athletic performance individuals need to engage in programming that develops physical and mental growth within the sport. Individuals need to learn how to conquer negative limiting beliefs about what they are capable of, and learn that their potential is far beyond what they once allowed themselves to imagine. It becomes through developing a growth mindset that individuals learn the skill set to overcome fears, enhance self-awareness and begin engaging in action steps that promote and foster high athletic performance.

Heather Kempton from Optimal Life in Coquitlam works with individuals uniquely in that she provides mental strength training in an office setting as well as, during athletic training sessions. Heather has assisted individuals struggling to conquer fear, negative self talk, anxiety, depression, anger and stress management by providing each individual with the tools to compartmentalize outside distractions from impacting athletic performance.

In all, most individuals engage in athletic programs with goals of enhancing physical health, mobility, strength, and as a way to manage stress, meet people and foster an overall way of healthy living. Playing sports and being physically active promotes feelings of confidence, happiness, connection, power, living, and being inspired. Whether or not you are training for a high level competition or looking to improve your overall quality of life, developing a growth mindset will enhance your athletic performance and allow you to grow in ways you have never once imagined.


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