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Weight management, including weight loss, from Coquitlam's Optimal Life is led by Heather Kempton who helps people just like you identify realistic short and long term health goals and understand nutritional practices that can safely and effectively increase muscle mass and/or reduce body fat/weigh. This is accomplished by integrating these strategies into an eating plan that achieves performance nutrition goals. It is essential in working with people that are struggling with obesity/weight issues or who are looking to cut weight for an upcoming sporting event that an individualized nutrition plan and training prescription for weight/fat loss is based on assessment of goals, present training and nutrition practices, past experiences and seeing how the body adapts to nutritional changes.

Heather works with people who are focused on achieving optimal health through understanding what behaviours and current health components have contributed to unwanted weight gain/loss, in empowering each individual to reclaim control over their daily choices around nutrition and physical exercise. Heather’s expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy allows Heather to work with each individual in identifying psychological, behavioural and emotional triggers to destructive eating patterns. With this, you will gain self-awareness on your patterns of behaviour that are contributing to unwanted weight gain/loss or health issues and be provided with tools to make long term, sustainable changes to your current behaviour so that you can obtain optimal health.

Optimal Life provides support and guidance for individuals struggling with mental health (eating disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD), addiction (food, alcohol, drugs) or patterns of disorder eating, bringing clinical expertise to empower individuals to develop a growth mindset in combination with an optimized nutritional plan. When faced with mental health and/or addiction you will find receiving a nutrition plan without any guidance on how to implement it or understanding on how your current patterns of behaviour and mindset are contributing to unwanted weight issues or health concerns you are more likely to experience frustration and difficulty reaching long term goals.

As a nutrition coach, Heather Kempton from Optimal Life in Coquitlam brings over 15 years of clinical counselling experience to empowering individuals in making long term sustainable change to weight loss or weight gain, and other health issues.


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