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Performance Nutrition for Sport

Whether you're a professional or amateur athlete, competing on a team, or as an individual, or, aiming for your personal best, what you fuel your body with directly impacts how you perform. Nutrition goals and requirements are not static. Athletes adapt their training schedule to prepare for achieving peak performance in targeted events by integrating different types of training cycles throughout the training calendar.

Nutrition specific to each individual’s sport needs to be periodized, taking into account the needs of daily training sessions (which can range from active recovery days focused on mobility to high intensity or skilled training sessions) and overall nutrition goals. A key goal in sports nutrition is to adapt the body to develop metabolic efficiency and flexibility while competition nutrition strategies focus on providing adequate substrate stores to meet the fuel demands of the sporting event and support cognitive function (mindset).

Heather helps athletes to achieve desired body composition associated with optimal performance. Focusing on optimizing health and maintaining long term performance is key in order to avoid decreasing metabolic rate, reducing energy output and enhancing psychological stress that often comes with taking a “dieting” approach to nutrition in sports.

Focus is placed on the timing of nutrient intake and nutritional support over the day in relation to athletic training rather than general daily targets. Highly trained athletes walk a fine line between training hard enough to achieve a maximal mental and physical training stimulus while trying to avoid illness, burnout, or injury risk associated with an excessive training volume.

Heather’s sport nutrition plans at Optimal Life in Coquitlam offer a unique expertise in which you will learn how to fuel your body for optimal performance while learning the tools to engage in healthy behavioural change needed to sustain your nutritional goals.


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