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Make the Most of what life offers

As a registered clinical counsellor and life coach Heather Kempton is dedicated to helping you in developing a healthier mindset, finding fulfilment and optimizing your nutrition and performance. Heather works with each client as a unique individual by assessing what you want to change and helping you to identify and push past possible challenges or barriers that stand in your way. The focus of your coaching is customized for you in the moment and will grow to meet your changing needs. Whatever you desire to focus on is completely up to you. You can start off wanting to handle a major crisis or dilemma in your life or you can focus on other areas of your life that feel less challenging and work up to the bigger changes in life as you gain more trust within the coaching process and in yourself. Confidentiality is very important and is something you and Heather will discuss in order for you to feel safe with discussing personal issues. You will work with Heather to gain insight on your perception and work towards enhancing your new perspective in order to find new solutions to commit to in the process of moving towards personal happiness. Heather will help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to make your own intentional choices and help you to take personal responsibility to put things into action.

A few ways that a life coach can improve your quality of self and relationships:

  • Improve the quality of your life in meaningful ways
  • Stronger sense of life purpose and direction
  • Learn how to live with integrity and have increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Be more authentic and honour who you really are
  • Reduce stress and take back control of your life
  • Stronger, closer, richer relationships
  • Optimize life balance among life areas
  • Improve relationships with self and others
  • Improve communication and learn how to apply personal boundaries
  • Discover and overcome whatever is holding you back from being/doing/feeling, and having all that you truly desire and deserve
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, fears and/or mindsets that are holding you back

In all, Heather Kempton at Optimal Life in Coquitlam helps individuals to develop a growth mindset which promotes authenticity, confidence, self-compassion and love with the ability to move towards what brings value and joy to their life.

You are not alone

Heather will support you every step of the way in the counselling process. Sharing issues and concerns in a safe and confidential environment with a professional creates an opportunity for significant self growth and self love.

More Choices Become Available By Developing A Plan

Creating a plan, with Heather can be a powerful asset for moving through life with greater awareness, and understanding. It allows you to make choices that are beneficial to you and your relationships. Working with Heather effectively gives you another perspective into your life, where the realm of possibility opens up. Heather will identify things and suggest things that you never realized or thought possible.

Overcome Negative & Limiting Beliefs

We have all had negative and limiting beliefs from both childhood and adulthood enter our daily thoughts at some point in our lives. Often these beliefs can lead to a negative mindset, or negative view of self, others and the world. Overcoming this can be life changing, allowing one to establish love for self and others in an empowering way.

Learn What You Were Never Taught

There are many life skills that we were never shown throughout our life. Counselling is an excellent process for guiding us to uncover negative blind-spots we may have and how they may be preventing us from living a life full of happiness, purpose, and passion.

Enhance Self Confidence

Counselling will guide you to better understand how to address any negative factors in your life and how to apply self care and personal boundaries. As you work at this, it is very common to feel a great sense of pride, confidence, and self worth.

Develop Deeper Independence

Counselling guides you towards having a heightened ability to make positive choices without the dependence of pleasing others. Counselling will enable you to identify negative internal and external influences, ultimately learning how to love ones self without placing absolute value on what others think of you.

Develop Deeper Connections With Others

Counselling not only will support you in forming a better connection with yourself, for it will also teach you how to form healthy relationships with others. This includes professional settings, family, friends, strangers and acquaintances. Effectively connecting with those around you is a key element in a successful and happy life.


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