Enhance Your Life’s Performance

Written By: Heather
Heather Kempton Coquitlam Couples Counsellor

As we already know, most high intensity, functional movement sports programs are constantly varied to meet individuals at their performance level. Athletic performance is about much more than obtaining physical health it is about conquering negative, limiting beliefs about what you were capable of, and realizing that your potential is far beyond what you once allowed yourself to imagine. It is about identifying your fears and increasing your self-awareness in order to start living a life full of purpose, passion, connection and happiness. People engage in athletic programs with goals of enhancing physical health, mobility, strength, and as a way to manage stress, meet people and foster an overall way of healthy living. Playing sports promotes feelings of confidence, happiness, connection, power, living, and being inspired.

Can you think of how you felt the last time you hit a PR (personal record) or crushed a movement that you were once unable to do? Think about the feelings of endorphins that rush through the body after completing a workout in a positive, empowering social environment. Think about the physical sensations that take over the body and the self-talk that may enter your mind at this moment. Now just think about what it would be like to carry those feelings into other areas of your life and take your athletic performance to an even higher level. Sitting down with Heather Kempton, RCC, Life Coach can help you to achieve this.